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A state of being (usually but not always derived from the use of high quality or laced marijuana) where one can see into other realms and dimensions. It is a form of being high where other high people seem to be flying lower than you, unless they too are in Hamutneekwa. It can also be referred to as a place. It is similar to when Dorothy finds herself in 'Oz', only the person can still see into the 'real world'. It is a place where one can find heaven or hell. Some find Hamutneekwa to be a spiritual or religious experience. It can be used as a noun or an adjetive.
1. So we smoked Mike's kush before watching James Cameron's Avatar in 3D - it was sooo Hamutneekwa!

2. I just remembered my own birth - is this Hamutneekwa going to last forever?

3. Hmmm jmmmllllmmmm... Hamutneekwa!
by Goblagobla December 25, 2009
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