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A colloquialism commonly used on the east coast.

Adj. An adjective with a wide application. While usually used to describe things that are awesome to the point of sheer unbelievability, hamtruck is also used to discuss things that are bad in an ironic fashion.

V. Used as a substitute for "fuck".

N. Something disgusting (e.g. A busted chick)
Adj.: Guy 1: Have you ever seen Pulp Fiction man?

Guy 2: Yeah dude that movie was hamtruck as shit!

V.: Guy 1: Did you ever hear about what happened to that guy who went to New York City to live on the street?

Guy 2: Yeah dude, he got hamtrucked by bum or something.

N.: Guy 1: Damn did you see that girl? I would do things to her that are probably illegal in most states.

Guy 2: Fuck out of here man! She was a total hamtruck
by Bernardino May 30, 2013
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