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Hampshire Middle School is a school on the main road of the Village of Hampshire, Illinois. It's not big, but not small. The building used to house both the middle school and the high school, which relocated to an overly-large building in 2008.

Hampshire Middle School doesn't excel in any one category, but doesn't lack in any one category either. It's your average semi-competitive middle school.

The best part of this school is sixth grade. Sixth grade in Hampshire is very carefree. As is seventh grade, however when you look back at seventh grade - you regret it. Eighth grade is awful for one reason, and one reason only: drama. Hampshire Middle School is known for its drama and slutty girls. See, the slutty girls make false drama, which causes more drama, which causes more false drama, which causes a big group of people to become involved in this drama.

The school is not very lenient. HMS won't let you get away with anything that isn't "school-appropriate." By "school-appropriate," they mean that if it appears slightly wrong it's automatically the worst thing you could possibly do.
"Hey, I'm transferring to Hampshire Middle School next year.. what should I do?"
"Don't make friends.. or at least don't get too close to anyone. You'll get sucked in to some drama with a girl and her boy-toy sooner or later."
by I.N. Phoenix August 18, 2012
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