The phrase "HAMMER IT OUT" can be referred to a number of things. Mainly used to describe the following:

1)Digging in a females guts

2)Fucking the shit out of a bitch

3)Having physically rough sex

4)Handling Business
Meth Head 1: "I fucking straight hammered out that bitch last night"

Meth Head 2: "What bitch? The one passed out in the alley? Fuck it, lets go HAMMER OUT the pizzo"

Bro 1: "What are you up to tonight"

Bro 2: "I'm going to kick it with that chick I met at the bar the other night"


Ivanna Humpalot: "Hey babe, do you want to bust a quickie before you go to work?"

Harry Muff: "FUCK YEAH! I always have time to HAMMER IT OUT"
by Ryan Tillimoto August 22, 2010
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Taking a long solid shit. Should usually be long enough to touch the water in the toilet before breaking off from the balloon knot.
Barry: Yo man, you almost ready to go?
Cody: I'm running a little late cause I had to hammer out a nightstick
by CB Creepers September 3, 2011
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Most commonly found in porn... When a man stands over a woman who is upside down with her legs straight up or bent over her head getting railed so hard that she blacks out.
Dude did you just see that reverse jack hammer with black out shes going to be out for a while.
by DA YAK June 22, 2008
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Talk seriously and in detail until a business agreement is made.
The two companies did not agree immediately on all the details of the takeover but they managed to reach a compromise and hammer out a deal without too much delay.
by Imgeto May 28, 2017
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