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1)A maneuver involving at least three parties. The first party has a mainly passive role. The second stands in a position of trust and whispers “sweet nothings” to the first party. The second party can be described as a sort of wingman, but has a more active role in the subduing of the first party. As the first party grows submissive, the third party, or “Dick”, slips it in without the knowledge of the first party. When the first party catches on to what is happening, the second party makes sure that the first party swallows it all. This maneuver is a gateway to unsafe drilling.

2)The loophole was most famously executed in 2005 in an excursion officially titled the “Energy Policy Act of 2005”. In this example the first role was assumed by the American people, the second by the United States congress, and the third by then Vice President Richard Cheney. The subsequent drilling has led to undesirable leakages
This rampant, unprotected drilling of the heartland is breaking America's heartland. I wish I knew what came over me before the Halliburton loophole got it under me.
by HellcowTUU June 22, 2010
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