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Pronounced: hally - wood, as a play on words of "Hollywood."
So I heard about this website called hallewood-(you figure out the rest of the address because were not allowed to advertise wbsites ;) )- which is something like a fan site for Halle Berry, and i had a thought: Hallewood is not a fan site, hallewood has to do directly with the stiffy that a man obtains or a woman may mentally feel whilst taking a gander at Halle Berry's fine, physical ASSets. This may occur during masturbation or recreational porn browsing.
(As Jay enters the room, his friend, Zach, quickly closes the laptop he was looking at, and zips up his pants)
Jay: "Dogg, what is that strange bulging in your pants?"
Zach: "Uhh, you know, just pitchin a tent, finding some wood, polishing the rocket."
Jay: "Oh man...that's uncalled for. Wait lemme see this laptop...oh DOGG! thas no regular porn-related wood, that's some of that hardcore HALLEWOOD! GET OUTTA HERE, with your disgusting rock solid hallewood man, everyone knows it's impossible not to skeet once you start! So take that shit to the bathroom!"
by [pause]not February 21, 2008
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