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The word "hallajucin'" has various meanings. This word can mean: messing with some one, teasing them, playing around with a friend, replying to a bad joke, replying to a good joke, telling someone to shut up, a response to a request to fight, telling someone to calm down, "Yeah right!", etc. Most of the time the word "hallajuicin'" comes after the word "stop" in a sentence, therefore the term becoming "stop hallajuicin'". This term is widely popular in the Northern New Jersey area, mostly in Essex county.

Pronounced: HA-LA-JUICE-IN. This word is commonly mispronounced as HALL-AY-JUICE-IN, HA-LA-JEW-ICE-IN, or HALL-AY-JUICE-IN
Example 1

Bob: Yo, I'm telling you man, gnomes are real!

Jeff: Yeah okay dude, just stop hallajuicin'!

Example 2

Dude: Hey come at me bro! I ain't afraid to fight!

Guy: Hey man I don't want to fight, you gots to stop hallajuicin'!
by RichardTheGnome June 28, 2010
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