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The result of a sasquatch mating with a human. Offspring are often referred to as halfsquatches.

It is very rare that a sasquatch will actually mate with a human. Generally, the act of mating will occur after two survivors, one sasquatch(male) and one human(female), survive a rock throwing contest. Celebration involves chugging a 26 of cheap, on-sale tequila and doing the hokey pokey. 2-4 weeks later, the female human will generally notice extra amounts of dark hair around her navel, a positive pregnancy test result, and a foggy memory of the events that led to the halfsquatch impregnation.

Halfsquatches are very hairy at birth and have the tendency of throwing rocks at people.
Stranger: Your child is so hairy and has very good aim when throwing rocks.
Halfsquatches Mother: Yes, he is a halfsquatch.
by bitchyD February 15, 2012
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