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A made up expression when someone is trying to avoid committing to a "full" promise, so they have an excuse (loop hole) when they don't do what they have "half promised". A glorified way of saying "maybe".

Persons who tend to try to get away with using a "half promise" are:

a) Those who will not promise often, because they take them very seriously, and are a person of their word.

b) Those who are not good at keeping promises.

Note: In final reiteration, do not be fooled, this is not an acceptable form of promise.
Amanda: Will you clean the kitchen later?
Nick Ross: Yes.
Amanda: Promise?
Nick Ross: I half promise.
Amanda: That's not even a real thing! This isn't a 50/50 game!
Nick Ross: I knew that wouldn't work!
by AC<3NR August 27, 2010
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