A person that makes weird cricket sounds and can turn his head half way around. they usually walk alone in hallways staring at others, wishing he could love. they dont kill because of the half angels so dont be scared if you come across one. They are hard to spot, they can only be revealed if they tell there identity.
Hey britney i cannot kill cause you are a half angel.
I cannot love because it is a sin to love. thats why i do not have a girlfriend.
I am a half demon do not be scared, i will only kill when half angels arent around
** Cricket Noises**
by James the cricket boy October 10, 2007
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One of those cringy mfs you'll see in roleplay games.
Person 1: "yo. look at alex/cute/demon/half wolf/half angel."
Person 2: "omg really??? his bio is cringe af xDDD"
by marute January 16, 2023
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