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A Hajr is an incredibly beautiful and talented girl. She is v strong and powerful. She has a great sense of style and also humor. She is v generous and a great friend. A Hajr is very patient.
Hajr, all the guys and girl alike are jealous of you, you incredible magical balloon animal of crazy fun times.
by @therealbabe May 21, 2016
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The coolest most chillest boss ass bitch that was ever to gallivant across this fine ass globe.
Person #1: Hey, who's that chick Hajr?
Person #2: That's Hajr you freaking idiot. She's a goddess and a freaking queen you stupid trash person. How can you not know this. It's common knowledge. Go to school stupid fool. Malala didn't risk her life just for ignorant trolls like you to go traipsing around like a dumb idiot bitch fools. Get woke dumb stupid ugly stupid piece of hot steaming garbage.
by liveforthedayz May 21, 2016
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