A hairy ashhole is a chocolate starfish (the starfish being the anus, the chocolate being the shit) that has hair casually poking out from the surrounding premises. A hairy asshole is downright gross. Please visit you nearest bikini waxer. Hairy assholes are bad. Pretty much everyone has a hairy asshole, unless of course you are too anal (ha!) and you sit on the floor with a hand mirror and pluck them with the tweezers that your mother uses for her nose hairs. Girls also have hairy assholes, but they dont want to admit it. The hair may be fine or curly, thick or thin, blonde or brown, black or red. The hair may be long, short, or stubby.
Matt Justice is a hairy asshole. Matt Justice also has a hairy asshole because he IS a hairy asshole.
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a saying meaning "i don't care about what you have to say" or "i don't like what you're saying, take it back"
Danielle told Lee,"bite my hairy asshole!" when he made fun of her jacket.
by Hannibal345 April 22, 2009
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