A hair fetish is having the need for the object of one's affections to have a special type, colour, style, etc; of hair in order to be found attractive. This fetish is not exclusive to guys, as many girls find guy's hair to be a major turn-on.
~Example of hair fetish~

Alexan: "Why don't you like him? I thought he was cute!"

Figure.10: "Urg..yeah..but he had a fucking crew-cut and...."

(sees guy with awesome hair)


Alexan: "..."
by Figure.10 May 26, 2009
There are people in this world who get really turned on by the fact the person they’re fucking has really soft hair, it gets them really turned on
I have a soft hair fetish so when u have soft hair it turns me on
by Fetish dude February 17, 2019