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Hailey is a backstabbing person who her friends hate. She won’t let not be her friend because she is a piece of crap. Every time you bring up something she said she will be like “ I never said that. When did I say that. I don’t remember ever saying that.”
Hailey I don’t like you and I don’t want to be your friend.”
“ Why, what did I do?”
“ Your an asshole who said I was a hoe and I suck dick for breakfast”
“ I didn’t say that, I don’t remember ever saying those things.”
“ go away Hailey.”
“But,but,but wait”
“Shut up Hailey Jones”
by Ur daddy lesbian June 11, 2018
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Gorgeous but cold. Distant. Gets bored easily. Hops from guy to guy. Can never make up her mind. Low key insecure af. Kind of stuck up. Tries to act smart but isn’t. Okay to hang out with sometimes but not ever day. Sorrryyyy.
Hailey Jones is cool, but not THAT cool.
by RdaleSnitch April 20, 2019
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