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Oh how the beauty,
How it can stricken me,
Hot as fire,
Onward to inspire,
Why her eyes,
Insightful as ice,
Lure me in,
Oppressing my spin,
Voluntarily to the contrary,
Entrancing as a flurry,
Matchless beauty resides,
Yon the curves of her sides,
Lust engraves within,
I struggle to hold it in,
The mere sight of her hair I gape,
Thus her hair to model her shape,
Longer though I must wait,
Exempt to prevaricate,

Rambunctious as a fox,
Appealing as the moon,
Inspiring as the ocean,
Noble as an eagle,
Beautiful as Persephone,
Optimistic as the sun,
Wonderful as the stars,
Sweet as a cup of sugar,

Gone are ones thoughts,
Indecision leaves spots,
Rolling through the strife,
Love of my life...
(Hailey - Ann walks in)

Me: Oh look, It's Persephone's contender...

(Persephone looks at her... and gapes...)

Persephone: That's not fair...
by bigblueeys June 06, 2018
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