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When you drop your pants and start masturbating when someone you're trying to hook up with goes into another room temporarily. When they re-enter, it is standard procedure to say, "can I get a hand with this" or "like what you see?" This move only works 3% of the time on women and should not be attempted by self-respecting people. However, this move works 100% of the time on men if the woman is under 150 pounds.
I was on my way home last night and I totally pulled a Hail Harry on this chick I was trying to get hook up with. Sucked though, she totally left and I still have to see her now on our softball, basketball, and volleyball team. I'll txt her though just to see if she changed her mind. Offer is still on the table or in my hand...
by Chrispy Fries & Kenny Chesney February 21, 2012
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