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A youtube channel that panders to children who cannot afford to properly modify a vehicle. They are the epitome of ricers, and they have this idea that if they call themselves ricers ironically that they have defused their detractors (the I <3 Haters argument). Their feature vehicle is a pitiful Miata that begs for sweet release from life. Haggard Garage is the physical embodiment of everything that is wrong with young car "enthusiasts" today.
Adult - Why is that Miata making that god awful sound?
Child #1 - Because Haggard Garage they do it for fun.
Child #2 - Because racecar lol XXDDDD Haggard Garage that's why.
Child #3 - I live in Connecticut and want to go to the Haggard Garage meet, but f*ck I'm 11 and don't have a car.
by swag777 October 13, 2015
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