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A guy who is constantly drunk, scared of gay people, works for a cable company and likes to fuck skinny white girls.
Will possibly end up in jail for murder or rape because of his unusual nact for making up stupid ass nicknames such as pumpkin and Haganater.
Example #1
Man that guy is wasted, what a fucking haganater.

Example #2
Guy1 - Yo check that guy out I think he is gonna fuck that skinny white girl, go Haganater!

Example # 3
Guy 1- hey man did you hear the nickname that guy gave me? it was so lame he called me pumpkin.

Guy 2- Yeah what kind of nickname is pumpkin, sounds gay to me, maybe he is in love with you and thats his pet name for you, what a fucking Haganater!
by Lamzaney February 28, 2010
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