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A middle school located in Glen Ellyn Illinois, home of the stuck up tweens and sixth graders who go downtown even in -80 degree weather. Where boys try hard in gym glass and girls wear skinny jeans under their gym shorts. Where the girls invest their parents money for expensive Vera Beadley lanyards to hold their ID's. Also where girls get dress coded for revealing their shoulder, or wearing skirts/shorts/skorts/dresses that rise above the knee. Where relationships last a mere silent two days reaching the point of "I love you". Basically just a hell hole/jail representing the colors black and red with a Wildcat.
Jamie- look at those girls with their UGGs, iPhones, and Frapuccino's. They must go to Hadley Jr High
by Laurencarrot August 18, 2016
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A middle school located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. It is home to the stupidest people you'll ever dream of meeting. young teen boys that play 20 different sports at the same time that think they're "pro athletes" while also jumping on bandwagons faster than usain bolt running a 100m. 13 year old girls that dress like white suburban moms with leggings, dyed hair, and Starbucks Frappuccino's they buy with their parents money. And the teachers that always get pissed at the students no matter what they say or do. Think of this place as The Arkham Asylum of middle schools.
Person 1: look, it's a kid from Hadley jr High.

Person 2: how do you know they're from Hadley?
Person 1: come on, the kids wearing white Nike sneakers, a Supreme t-shirt, and skinny jeans. Where else would they come from?
by Kaosmaker October 30, 2018
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