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A posting on facebook stating that your account has been hacked and by whom, when in actuality you yourself has posted this in order to explain why you did or said something idiotic that too many people have seen to take back or lie your way out of.
duder 1: (Attached link of bon jovi death) I recieved this from my local news station.

duder 2: Wow thats sad. I miss that fag.

(After 300 responses of sadness and gay jokes)

duder 2: You fucking liar. This is bullshit!

(duder 1 feels stupid - decides to be hack faker)

duder 1: Hacked
Love ya mom.

duder 2: Hacked my ass, you keep fucking lying.

duder 1: Wasn't me, that was my mom, I blocked her from my page, bitch is crazy.
by Umyslowly December 21, 2011
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