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An Habbo X is a expert player who works on a voluntary basis on the large social networking website, Habbo Hotel owned and operated by the Sulake Corporation, Finland. It's there responsibility to assist new Habbos on getting the grip with Habbo Hotel.

Recently there has been allot of controversy over whether Habbo Experts are doing the job just for the fame, and additional freebies that Habbo give these players. The majority of expert players lounge around in the Welcome Lounge on Habbo Hotel, and socialize with there upper class friends and blatantly ignore new players, and often fob them off with excuses.

Expert players are sensitive to these remarks, and often deny the accusations when you confront them. Soon after confrontation, you often find yourself with a heft permanent ban for "unacceptable behavior".
n00b: hi mr x could you plz help me! im new to habbo!

Habbo X: No! Piss off, you're to illiterate to speak to me!

n00b: wattt?

Habbo X: *Clicks Blue Question Mark, and reports the n00b to a Moderator*

DvDaf: *Bans the n00b* - I did nothing!!! Honest!!!

Habbo X: :) where was I? ow yea, as I was saying I have no social life.. *bla bla*
by Louise Barker February 16, 2008
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A place run by the almighty user "sex" and his bitch "wixard". Here they control most of the forum and dictate what happens, they are also followed a lot by a stalker from eastwall called richard, he is a habbo addict.
by SexAKAgraham March 21, 2010
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A HabboX is a special Habbo, who should tour new Habbo's and tell 'em what's good and bad, but all they actually do is show off with their special 'X' badges, and go to 'HabboX shows' where other Habbo's come to and shout stuff like 'ZOMG ITSA HABBOX!11!'. One of Sulake's worse ideas.
Habbo: Shouldn't you tour new Habbo's? :/
HabboX: Mind your own business -.-
Habbo: :(
by Pixx September 24, 2006
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A place where 11-15 year olds visit on Habbo to pretend they have some form of a 'social life'. Here they 'simulate' a job experience 24/7 by trying to help newer Habbos in the hotel.
habbo habbohotel HxHD
New Habbo: GOD I'VE BIN SCAMMED...?!1
Habbox Worker: You need to use the call for help tool!
New Habbo: YER W/E F'UCK U..K?!1
Habbox Worker: That's it! I'll have to report you via the blue question mark in the bottom right hand corner, so you can be removed!
New Habbo: Oh f'''uck.
by Asher Habbo October 08, 2005
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A fansite for of the UK Habbo Hotel. Owned by sierk and run by Properclone of Habbo Hotel UK, this fansite is by far the most popular. Although unofficial the site receives hundreds of users a day. Approximately 99% of Habbo Hotel users, use Habbox for their rare value listings.

Other sites include: Habbox TV, Habbox Forum, Habbox Radio, and Habbox Hosting.
Habbo Hotel User One: SELLING THRONE SOFA OFFER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Habbo Hotel User Two: 3 HC for it? ;l
Habbo Hotel USer One: NO ITS 4 HC SCAMMER
Habbo Hotel User Two: Habbox is for n00bs
by AN0NYM0US384 October 03, 2005
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A site created by some undercover totalitarian rulers. It dictates all values on rares on Habbo Hotel, and has great control of the economy of the hotel. Good or bad? Depends on the person.
Person 1: WOWZA, I'll give you 16 club sofas for that throne.
Person 2: Heckz no, Habbox says its 16.5, you best give me something worth .5!
Person 1: Oh heckz no, I can't afford to give you my mocha.
Person 2: Dealz off then, Habbox ownz joo!
by Roger DCJ April 25, 2005
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A rubbish little website for people with no social life, dedicating their lfies to a little online game for teenagers to meet their mates on.
Habbo Hotel is good, but perfectic people ruin it like Habbox by making crap fansites. Ratboy Radio is better at making a good fansite.
by The Unknown Ratboy July 02, 2006
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