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Ha$HisH is the Infamous Toronto underground rapper renown for his unbelieveable freestyle raps; hailing from Parkdale. Also known as Black Stan or Stanley Black. He's the founder of hip-hop Clan P.C.M.P (Panthers with Cash Money Power).Definetly one of the realest niggaz on the planet.
"Spit Hot Fire some say i'm too hot
Drop that thug shit like tupac
Always Stay strapped with two glocks
So now everybody knows who dropped
I ain't Paul Pierce but i spit the truth
Fly raps, Baseball Bats lyrics like Papoose
A Vandal, Fuck the sandals only Timb Boots
Better recognize its Ha$HisH
That nigga robbin Banks to get that Cash heaps
When i hit the streets always Pack heat
Write my illest raps on a rap sheet"
by Frankie Blacks July 17, 2006
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