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One of the most addicting computer games in the history of games. Basically, you run around amassing resources, castles and an army of mythological creatures and do battle with other bands of monsters. There's a shitload of magic and tactics to consider. Somehow or another, 18 hours can easily pass before you realize that you've wasted the whole day in front of the computer. Anybody intimately familiar with the game who simultaneously desires a healthy lifestyle cannot begin to count how many times they have installed and uninstalled the game.
Life was really starting to piss me off so I loaded HOMM3 and blacked out for three months.

I must've installed and uninstalled HOMM3 roughly 73 times now. At one point I broke the CDs in half so I couldn't play anymore, but the next day I just downloaded the torrent.

Once you've got Dimension Door, Town Portal, Resurrection, Haste, Slow, Blind, Expert Earth Magic and Expert Air Magic, you're pretty much a HOMM3 god.
by CookieFlakes August 16, 2009
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