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Acronym for Heartless At The Moment.
After disappointment by disappointment when it comes to girls/guys,
and/or relationships and looking for something "good/special,"
you decide to take a hiatus on love, and be heartless.
Does not mean bein a playa or "playing around" with people's feelings.
Means giving the cold shoulder and not wanting to deal w/ relationships
J Holiday - Be With Me
"You be givin me the coldest shoulder, cause you don't want your emotions takin over"

Guy1: Hey, so are you still talking to Linda?
Guy2: No... Says she don't know what she wants & doesn't wanna get hurt again.. yet she's talking to asshole guys. I'ma be HATM.
Guy1: What about Ashley? She seems nice & seems to have a thing for you.
Guy2: HATM.
by JustSomebodyyy October 03, 2009
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