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The tired shitty feeling you get after staying up all night playing halo3
"damn, i was up till 4 last night playing halo 3 i have one hell of a HALOver
by T__Jolly May 19, 2008
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HalOver is the event that begins during the midnight release of Bungie's newest game: Halo Reach. This event includes staying up late or all night playing Halo Reach and thus having a HalOver the following morning. This will cause thousands of people to do at least one of the following things: 1) falling into a self-destructive life pattern that only Halo Reach can solve. 2) Failing and/or missing classes because you're playing... Reach 24/7. 3) Succeeding and missing classes because you're playing Halo Reach with your professor. 4) Losing any possible real social life you may have had before Halo Reach. 5) Gaining new friends who love Halo Reach as much as you do. 6) Destroying any person relationships with friends, families and significant others because they just do not understand how awesome this game is. and 7) Forgetting to sleep, shower, eat, breathe or water the plant which actually helps because if you have your own plant, then you're really gay and Halo Reach just helped you.

HalOver begins at 12:00 a.m. on September 14th and is only temporarily delayed on December 21st, 2012 where the end of the world takes place, kills all people, and then gamers go to Heaven where constant Reach parties will be held.
Aw dude I'm not going to have a hangover September 14th, but a HalOver
by J0rtz September 02, 2010
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