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A derogatory insult towards white people it's a catch all term meaning rapist paedophile,murderer,thief & coward. It's origins comes from ye olde english for white rat (Ratus Honkus).
Hey you Fuckin H O N K E Y (rapist paedophile,murderer,thief & coward.)keep the fuck away from my kids or I'll KILL YOU DEAD.
by White scum February 18, 2009
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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derogatory noun for a white person

Several definitions provided for honkey/honky can be reconciled considering the likely subversive evolution of this term. The African slave pidgin term 'xong' for red ears is the deep origin. (The ring of truth for how white ears behave under the African sun is almost ineluctible.)

'Red-ears/honk-ears' would emerge immediately into slave's cant upon arrival to America, eventually morphing into 'honky/honkey'.

Definitions involving geese-voices or horse-donkeys are probably spontaneous inventions of users unaware of the word's original meaning. Through this process, by the time automobiles became popular 'honkey' had already become more a derogatory adjective/adverb for anything white rather than a noun for a white person -- white music = honkey music, white attituded = honkey attitude etc. Use of car horns to call prostitutes represented the first time blacks publicly applied the term to white people, much amused by whitey's failure to grasp that its real meaning was everything uptight, false, crappy, etc. whitey had ever done to black people. And now the term had the added richness of incorporating sexual inadequacy to the list of honkey attributes (premised on the prostitutes' experience with their white clients.)

So, basically, when used in its full epithetical sense, 'honkey' means a shitty human being with a small dick that doesn't work.
Bill O'Reilly is a honkey.

'Loogit Bill O'Reilly, flappin' dem bigass honkey-red ears!'
by Figleaf23 November 26, 2009
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Term for caucasian. Derogatory.
Origin unknown for certain.
Possibly derived from the Wolof word "xonk" (pronounced like "honk," but with a guttural H at the beginning), meaning "red." Wolof people in West Africa sometimes call white people "xonk-nopp," or "red-ears." It has been speculated that first generation Wolof-speaking slaves may have popularized this term.

Skeptics might point out that the most slaves came from south-west Africa and further east in West-Africa than Senegal, where Wolof people live.

However, many slaves passed through Goree' Island, near Dakar, the largest Wolof city. So the term could have been popularized there.
Also, the Wolof language, having developed as a trade language, is relatively easy to pick up in its most basic form. It is also a rather staccato and crisp language, which might make it easier for non-speakers to pick up on particular words. Lastly, Wolof is spoken in a way that seems unnecessarily aggressive, even when its not intended to be. (The Wolof are sometimes referred to as the "Germans of Africa") This all might tend to make make a derogatory Wolof word catch on relatively faster than a similar Mandink or Ibo word among a multilingual group like first generation slaves.
Xonk-nopp yii, dafa sajjkat. Dumu begg liggey daara, wante Man, mes na liggey bes bu nekk. Xonk-nopp, dafa begg-togg rekk. Dafa am nopp bu Xonk ndakte Yalla dumu ko begg.

Lazy thief honkey doesn't want to work, but I have to do all the work. He just wants to sit. His ears are red because God hates him.
by momadou sarr October 12, 2005
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racist name for a white person, but be careful when using this word because he will act brave until you slap the shit out of the white sissy but then he will call the police on you which are more honkeys but with guns.
me: "What the fuck you looking at honkey"
honkey: *looks around for a cop* if he finds out it will be a

tough remark, if no officers are around he may not even look at u eye to eye. Honkeys watch MMA and put decals on their vehicles but in the end honkeys are and always will be posers when it comes to street life.
by ComptonDeuce July 12, 2012
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Racist name simular to "cracker" or "whitey"
You're going to die honkey
by smit February 24, 2005
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A term of endearment from one white man to another showing one's affection & respect. I have acquaintance's friend's & honkeys. A solid motherfucker that respects himself & his loved ones having courage (testicular fortitude) to stand between his enemies & what he loves. loyalty, honor, strength, brotherhood, knowledge & wisdom are his common virtues
a bitch-made motherfucker spends his paycheck on drug's while his kids go hungry. But a stay down honkey he's with his family this weekend hold'n it down like he posed
by HighlySuspect August 12, 2018
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