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A Gypsy is a mysteriously beautiful girl. She can be very provocative and sexy. You will find it hard to lock her down. She is rooted in who she is but not in where she is. This free spirit is prone to follow an unconventional career path. She is your quintessential femme fatale. Sure of herself, kind, very sweet, she always stands up for herself. She's a wanderer who goes where her heart takes her. This mysterious and seductive woman's charm ensnare those that surround her. She possesses an innate ability to entrance and hypnotise those around her with a spell. Nearly impossible to resist.
I met this amazing gypsy girl. I'm in love! She made me hers with her deep gaze, voluptuous form and ascertiveness. I belong to a Gypsy girl.
by ChooFantasy February 01, 2017
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