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The human embodiment of a leaf on a river. She effortlessly and seamlessly bounds from one experience to the next; thriving off of the good, and learning from any bad. A head full of dreams and aspirations, a heart full of love and tolerance, and wits sharp enough to disarm any situation with humor, and navigate any obstacle with grace.

She is the one you simultaneously envy, yet can't help but gravitate towards. She lights up the darkest of rooms, can conjure up huge smiles out of the hardest of hearts, and can break through the defenses of even the most guarded and aloof. When around her, she makes you feel like you are the only two people in the world. No matter the situation - clinging to the side of a windswept volcano, running from a police helicopter through the desert, dingy-dropping into strong oceanic currents filled with sharks - one look at her and you feel completely safe and at ease.

Did I mention she is gorgeous? Stunning, actually. At first look you are captivated. 3 minutes into meeting her you are enthralled. Every time you see her your heart tumbles, and the enchantment you felt from your first encounter never fades. You'll catch yourself staring at her as she prances around the room getting ready for work, wondering what song is playing in her head. She is most beautiful in the morning, and her glow endures the day - even post-workout.

She is, in a nutshell, the most incredible person you would ever have the privilege of meeting.
First Guy: You know that hottie that drives that VW van?

Second Guy: Of course! You would have to be blind not to notice her.

First Guy: She smiled at me the other day. It made me feel awesome!

Second Guy: Ah, man! You're lucky! She must be some kind of gypsy queen.
by HK - MBP February 10, 2013
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