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An informal psychology term, referring to being femininely self-centered.

Typically, third wave feminists have this mentality, and consequentially, have little to no empathy for males, cannot comprehend their perspective, especially on issues like gender equality and sexism.
Person 1: 'See that "Mother's with Prams only" parking sign? Why do they have to descriminate against fathers?'

Feminist: 'That sign is sexist towards women! It's saying that raising children is women's work!'

Person 1: 'If feminists think female strippers are demeaning and exploitative to women, then surely feminists think male strippers are equally exploited, considering they claim to be about gender equality?'

Feminist: 'Actually, male strippers are demeaning to women, because when the male stripper performs his show, he is thrusting his toxic masculinity in their face without their consent, making them feel uncomfortable.'

Person 1: 'Gynocentric Egotism, much?'
by Dr. Trigger August 29, 2017
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