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A gym star is someone who works out on a very regular basis but the ONLY workout for vanity purposes ONLY. Their workout consist only of bench presses and curls. No leg workouts for them.
(This type of workout is called he "nightclub workout")

They do not participate in any sports in any capacity. They also do not work out for "health" reasons as well.

They do not compete in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Recreation Sports of any sort.
They just simply want to look big and tough when they go out to night clubs,

Stand out at the grocery store and walk around as if they are carrying luggage.
And they hate on ANYONE who is in better shape than they are.
John: "Man....George comes in the gym 7 days a week. Does he compete or anything?"
Mike: No, he is just a gym star. Never played sports in his life.
he just does this to try pick up girls. He does not work nor does he go to school either.
by atlxtreme June 03, 2015
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The best cheerleading team in Australia. Very possibly the world.

A particularly amazing cheerleader who is a member of this spectacular squad is Bekah. She is so amazing and a super cool person.

A few other people who aren't as sexy but still quite likeable are Kate, Logan, Grace, Victoria, Lisa and heaps of other people who are snazzy.
Ingy- "Have you seen that awesome squad?"
Dave- "The one with that hottie babe named Bekah who loves Grey's Anatomy an innapropriate amount?
Ingy- "Yeah, that one."
Dave- "Good old Gymstars."
by whatacatchireckon September 22, 2009
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a usually male person that spends most of the waking hours pumping iron and socializing at the gym.
Brad is a real gymstar-he's here more than the manager. I think he just likes showing off those sweaty, ripped muscles to everyone constantly.
by busterboner October 20, 2009
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