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The type of girl who shows up at gym at 9 am, fully decked out in the latest sports gear making sure her sports bra matches her phone case and sneakers, gum in her mouth, perfectly styled hair, face caked an perfectly contoured to give the illusion she has high cheek bones, looking like she's about to hit the clubs or shoot an porn scene. You'll find her pouting her Restylane enhanced lips in front of the mirror arching her back, sucking her stomach in to take selfies to post on instagram, # Great workout, last squat rep, booty werkday, trainerholic, no pain no gain, squat till you drop. Then, she'll treadmill it on 4 speed zero incline to take another selfie to post 'treadin it out as a cool down'. That's what Gym Selfie Sluts define as 'sweating it out at the gym'.
If you're still looking cute after a workout honey, then the only thing you trained are your finger muscles. Your a gym Selfie Slut.
by Kick Ass Gal December 08, 2017
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