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Ben/Gwen shipper.
the Ben/Gwen shipper is based on the characters Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson cousins from the hit cartoon series Ben 10. yes i did say "cousins", though some might see it as incest and disgustingly disturbing i don't and the shipper makes perfect sense. at the beginning of the show, the cousins find out that they are going to be on vacation together with grandpa max for 3 whole months. at first that was pure hell for both but as the show progressed bringing out more seasons, the hate turned into a strong bond of friendship and i say love. they still bicker with one another and call each other "doufous" and "dweeb" they still care for each other stronly. you don't have to agree. apparently cousins understand each other more than possibly best friends would. (and no i don't have a crush on a cousin).
in the episode My Big Fat Alien Wedding, when Ben's told he has to dance and complains that he can't, Gwen offers to help him but he declines the first. later in the RV, when Ben is practicing to dance, Gwen catches him and offeres to help. he declines again but when Gwen explains to him that she can help him not to look like a dofous, he agrees. if you closly, you can see that both cousins are enjoying the moment until it's ruined by grandpa Max.

in the tv movie Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, when Gwen is captured and pressumanbly dead Ben is heart broken, shattered and devistated. he tries to open the hatch where she disappeared but it wont open. later on towards the end of the movie, when we see two planes crash, Ben sees that Gwen is alive because it looks like he has a look of love on his face. he's in tears and runs to her hugging her lovingly and she hugs him back also lovingly.
by Meagan McNeair November 03, 2007
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