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A Guzior is a person who is distinctly talented at grinding at homecoming dances. A Guzior is a sex machine. This is evidenced by his orgasmic sex face, which woman orgasm at the sight of. The vast sex appeal of a Guzior also appeals to men as well. Men can't help but jizz their pants as they watch a Guzior complete a varsity cross country race. A Guzior is also very artistically talented. He routinely displays his artistic talent as a trumpet player in THE Eagan High School Wind Ensemble. If you ever insult a Guzior, expect a fury of vulgar terms to ensue.
Acton: Hey Guzior good job packing it up with Feiock and myself during the last varsity race

Guzior: God you guys are such dicks. You never fucking stop do you?

Feiock: No Guzior, you are the one who never stops
by trombone69 November 03, 2011
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