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A mixture of the words gym and guy, this phrase indicates a gym over populated by men (normally posers and or perverted) .

Typically women feel uncomfortable in this environment for a few reasons

E.g. Women A,

“That man there with the incredibly tight vest is conveniently sitting trying to look well cool on the chest equipment right behind where i am jogging i feel uncomfortable in this Guym

“ i hate being in this guym, that sweaty fat guy used the rowing equipment and there is a awkward ass print i cannot face using it now”

“i look like the queen of rough town then i workout and i know some of these guys in here this is distracting, and why the fuck is that guy near me stretching i sense exterior motives”

A tell tale signs a gym is a Guym is when

1.a sexy music video plays on one of the screens and 90% of the working out in the guym stops and men are stood pretending not to be completely perverting over the music video.

2. Large amounts of men in vests and short shorts, usually posing with heavy weights they cannot lift to look cool in front of the one women on a treadmill the other side of the gym paying no attention. The possible root cause of this behaviour is a small penuis

3. A free weights area women daren’t approach for fear of looking like a twat

4. That guy you know that guy! The loud one lifting weights loudly....dick
woman a
"i feel unconfortable in this guym"

woman b
"how come?"

woman a

"that guy scraching his ass by the water point is enough to put me of my lunch/ having children."

women b

"right, also cant you just smell the failing anit persprent"

woman c (who seems a bit like a man you know the one!)
"its not that bad i like it"

woman a

"woah think she has a beard"

guy a

"think i can get a tigher vest on?"

women b "this is such a guym"
by funnyhippo October 18, 2010
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