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Pulling a "Guy Dawson" is known as going into a club, bar, or any place of entertainment, and attempting to sleep with a numerous amount of the opposite sex, usually ending in dissapointment, or the most unnattractive of the opposite gender in ones bed the next day. The reason it is called a "guy dawson" is because it is usually attempted by guys, i.e. men and dawson because of the lameness of the lead character from dawsons creek. It essentially translates as "dude lame"
"oh man have you been watching terry?hes been cracking on some fine ass bitches but they just push him away, now look at that uggo hes with, man hes pulling a guy dawson!"
by every cloud March 10, 2009
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To Guy Dawson (Formerly guy 'a' dawson) is synonymously used to have anal intercourse, or perform analingus, but particularly to perform an anal creampie on a female. The verb 'to guy' is old slang in reference to Guy Fawkes, and means 'to blow up' or to explode into', and 'dawson' in reference to the modern show 'Dawson's Creek' usually means someones 'back creek' or anus.
Dude, I can't wait to get out and Guy Dawson tonight.
by silver lining March 25, 2009
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