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A girl who plays multiple guys at the same time by charming them each individually, and usually the guys she is playing don't know each other.

She uses them for money, sex, drugs - etc whatever she wants out of them. Sometimes she just does it for her own personal esteem and female empowerment.

Regardless of the tactics or motives, the girl always extremely manipulative and deceiving, so her charm is enough to keep her "pawns" around for long periods of time.

Her targets ("pawns") are usually guys who have vulnerable personalities, low self-esteem, low intelligence, etc. all of these don't have to be present qualities and sometimes none are present. Basically anyone who allows her to see their "weak side" is a potential "pawn".
"Dude you need to break it off with that chick right now, I think she's a guy collector, I saw her at the movies last week with someone, and again at the park the next day with someone else! She's playin you man"
by nalz nalz March 23, 2010
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