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(Goot-S) A useless Mexican fool. A rare mexican who cannot speak Spanish to save his poor life. This type of person believe he can rap but in reality he sounds like a 4 year okd sippin lean. They cannot even speak normal English as they use words such as "cheeks" and "fat" as verbs and pronouns. His lack of rap skills, street smarts, and Spanish will cause to be beaten to death by cholos with belts.
What the hell alex, you're such a guutz!
Learn Spanish u stupid guutz.
by MexianBoi49 March 02, 2017
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a little thing, someone really cute. that gets mad at little things. also guutz usally has amazing guutz boyfriends.
why are you being such a little guutz right now
by Guutz June 26, 2011
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