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A woman so loose/filthy/promiscuous/infectious/crusty, she exceeds the normal realm of typical insults hurled at females. A Guttertramp is in a league of her own and must be insulted as such. This word would and should be used in situations such as:
your sister is sleeping with your man
your daughter is sleeping with your man
your sister is sleeping with your daughter
and any and all similarly fucked up scenarios.
OMG Becky! Would you look at her vag, it is soooo loose. I hear its so loose because she was fucking monicas father brother husband son and cousin. She is SUCH a guttertramp.
by Tori Valo January 22, 2012
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A gutter tramp is basically a sleazy chick with one look at her to surmise she probably has something that will make you sterile, impatent, or cause general havoc with your genitalia.
Nathan: So did you get with Antiona last night?
Me: No, she has to be a gutter tramp. And i think i got herpes sitting next to her too.
by P. Kaltenbach March 09, 2007
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