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'Gutho'. An upper school in Wigston, Leicester. Often defined for its lack of results and bad taste chair colours (C Block). If you visit you will be killed in A-block between 11.15-11.30 and possibly be attacked by a group of year 10 chavs hiding behind the PE huts having a fag.

No doubt if you go 'GUTHO' you will go out on a friday night down 'memorial' and drink white ace. Usually getting chased home by Vinny on his bike and having the police in Cox's assembly the next week and hiding your head in shame.

Why is the blue room called the blue room? Why does Keller walk around with his ear piece in? Who is Wendy in 'Wendys'? Are Mrs Refugiato and Hadkiss sisters? Do You slide the window up for the cashier or knock on it? Have you met 'Boss man'? Listened to the same assembly by Cox each year? Have you met the crow? Have you noticed the librarian is horrible? Why do people meet at swimming baths? Does anyone do spanish? Do you like the cheese in the panini's? Noticed how much the gym smells?

We love Gutho and the endless amount of Chavs in matching tracksuits that attend :)!
by Iloveurban69 November 15, 2010
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