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Guptill89 (A.K.A. Dylan Guptill) is a YouTuber who is infamous for his video "Top 10 Hottest Female Sonic Characters" and was surprised when people called him a "furry" and a "pedophile". First of all, the way he describes them in such detail is kind of creepy. Second, Cosmo, who was his #9 character, is 8. That's the same age as Tails. Speaking of which, most of the characters on that list are underage. He is also known for complaining about RayWilliamJohnson's song "Doin' Your Mom", complained about game reviewers using "dirty language", namely the Chris Bores (Irate Gamer), James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), and Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic). It's strange that he put Doug Walker as a game reviewer (He reviewed one game, and that was "Bebe's Kids" for the SNES as a challenge from the AVGN, from which the picture of him is from. Using that logic, maybe he considers James Rolfe a movie reviewer since he reviewed Ricky 1 from that same challenge.). He is also known for liking the 4kids Sonic voice cast, which is generally disliked in the fanbase.
Guptill89 tells people to grow up, but people say he should do the same.
by Boris "Invincible" Grishenko August 11, 2011
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