Gunwebsites is a well known You Tube channel that has an emphasis on firearms and gear. Creates videos of shooting, firearms training class reviews, gear reviews, and firearm educational and history videos. Gwebs (as the creator goes by to keep his identity private) has an interest in small firearms such as the Jennings J-22, NAA and derringer type firearms. Gwebs is most famously known as the firearms channel without a face, because has never shown his face in a video. Gunwesites channel is about the firearms and gear not about the person behind the camera. Gunwesites is the best educational firearms channel on You Tube.
Tim: Hay Brian did you hear about the new Zip 22?
Brian: Yeah, I saw a video of it on Gunwebsites and it looks like a piece of crap.

Tim: Well we need new innovations of firearms otherwise firearms will not evolve.

Brian: I'm glad you said that because now I understand the retro design on a abstract firearm.
by neverenoughammo July 9, 2013
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