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The gunt is a fat stomach that folds to produce something which no longer represents a gut, but rather a cunt.Guntable is the measure of whether one is able to retreive something from one's own or somebody elses gunt.The guntability of someone depends on multiple factors such as:
1. The depth of the gunt flaps. Some keen gunt miners have been known to go 'shoulder deep' into a gunt, similar to a vet conducting an internal examination on a cow
2. The hygeine of the gunt owner. Some gunts have been known to support large multicellular lifeforms. On one occasion a Ringtail Possum was recovered from a particularly filthy gunt. It had found solace from the humid climate and constant supply of scrap fast food.
Q. Zoe do you think it is guntable to recover a malteaser from Jim using only the power of your oral suction?A. I sucked and sucked but that malteaser didn't budge. It truely was not guntable, his gunt was the fluffiest I have ever seen.
by blue egg October 16, 2013
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