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This is a complex sexual maneuver requiring some tools and preparation. You set out six shot-glasses in a circle, filling five with whiskey. The empty one is set at the top of the circle. Then you get a hammer and tell your girl to blow you. When you’re about to cum, start taking shots as fast as you can and smash each empty glass with the hammer. Stop smashing shot glasses when you blow your load, you’ve “found the problem”. Your girl uses any remaining whiskey as a “cleaner for your load” (chaser). All the broken glass serves to keep her in place for any further “troubleshooting”, you can clean that up at your discretion.
Dude, last night Becky and I played Gunsmith’s Roulette, it took a few hours to clean up and we both got druunnkkk...
by smasherpass June 06, 2018
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