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When two buff persons of the same gender make eye contact at a beach or other public area, they are automatically bound by the law of the land to enter in a competition of flexing called simply a "gunoff".
Mark got challenged to a gunoff yesterday and lost... He's just not the same anymore.
by Patnic May 13, 2010
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A gunfight between two rival gangs; specifically located behind the 7-11 in Santa Ana.
I found out she was in a rival gang so I immediately stopped talking to her and planned a gunoff.
by Not Patnic May 13, 2010
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Another term for blowjob. Also called gat off.
That bitch gave me a gun off. She gatted my boy. She gunned my boy. Then i realized SHE was a HE. Whoops! Now i am confused and not sure who I am. I am en route to Sri Lanka or Dubai or the swiss alps in search of the dali llama to figure out the meaning of life and who I am. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I ask myself. Is life worth living, should I blast myself?
by Mul hester August 26, 2016
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