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A handshake used by Marine Corps soldiers. First invented by Gunnery Sergeant Beatrice Middleton in 1945. Done this way: first, slapping a high five; sliding the hand lower and giving a slightly lower five; closing of fist and tucking the thumb in; then bumping them while saying "Eagle, globe, and anchor"; then as the hand is pulled and shaken and "Away we go!" is said. Also, when the fives are given, "Up high" and "down low" are said as well.
Amos: Hey Sarge, there's a party down in the defac.

Orville: (confused, not knowing what Amos is saying) This crazy thing. What's this hand thing they're doing? Are they trying to show off?

Beatrice: No, it's the Gunny Five. I invented this. Let me show you how.

(Beatrice gives the Gunny Five to Amos. Amos passes the Gunny Five to Orville)

Beatrice: You do it that way, it's easy!

Martha: These men are going crazy. What's with all these fives? I want to learn how.

Beatrice: (demonstrating to Martha) Up high, down low, eagle, globe, and anchor, and away we go!

Martha: (yelling) That's funky. I'm going to have to teach all the soldiers that.

(Orville and Amos wink at each other then look at Martha and give the Gunny Five to Martha)
by Dusty's Baby Powder March 02, 2011
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