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1. Noun: a third person shooting MMO that requires you to defeat your opponents with guns, swords, and grenades. Why there are swords, grenades, and fucken daggers are in there is beyond my comprehension.
For fag nerds with no life, there are several advanced "styles" of playing.

KStyle: Korean Style
using your fucking sword and making you look like a monkey

EStyle: Euro Style
using all of your weapons in a feeble attempt to "p0wn"

AStyle: American Style
where you be a lazy fuck and just hold the mouse button

SStyle: Skeet Style
where you stun (take em out) and shoot them (and shoot)
1) I played GunZ: The Duel this morning and I ttly p0wn'd n0obs approx. 74.5819 percentile of duration of time I was performming the act of playing the game. Of.
by VbPeppermint November 21, 2007
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