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n. Similar to the game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" (or rochambeau), whereas two to three players all simultaneously pick an action to play against their opponents.

The game begins with all players being back-to-back to avoid any cheating. Upon counting down "One, Two, Three, SHOOT" (where shoot is the action word), all players spin and face each other while demonstrating either Gun, Bear, or Karate.

The winner is chosen as follows:
*Gun beats Bear
*Bear beats Karate
*Karate beats Gun

Actions are described as follows:
*Gun is holding out one's arms, with each hand making "guns" that are pointed at the other player(s)
*Bear is holding one's arms in the air in a menacing fashion
*Karate is when one raises both arms and one leg up into their air in a kicking motion
Mike wanted to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who got the last doughnut. I said we should play Gun, Bear, Karate instead..
He chose gun, I chose Karate.
-It was a win-win for me, I got to kick mike in the nuts and get a doughnut!
by Nigel! December 28, 2009
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