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Gumjoy is a pleasurable act.
Break down the word.

GUM- Gums (no teeth)
JOY- Pleasure
Gumjoy is when a young ATTRACTIVE female puts her mouth on a guy's cock and sucks repeatedly until the guy reaches orgasm without using teeth. Gumjoy is different in regards to a blowjob giving Gumjoy is a pleasurable for both parties involved and not seen as a chore.

Young attractive women please pay attention to the whole penis, not just the head. Ensure you swirl your tongue around the tip whilst pumping his shaft with a closed palm. Lovingly massage his balls and always attempt to deep throat.

Also make sure to change the speed of your cock sucking. Make sure you show your lover that your sole purpose in life is for your man to come in your mouth and it is your top priority in life.

Always swallow with a smile
That bitch gave me the best gumjoy ever.
by gumjoyman October 05, 2009
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