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When you are with your significant other having a serious sex session, showered, teeth brushed, you each have a fresh piece of gum, lots of kissing and breathing into eachother's mouth, gotta be fresh. The two pieces of gum quickly turn into one piece of gum because of oral sex, and various other sex acts. Extra points if it can be done without words, spitting it to an open mouth is also an extra point move, not recommended for ameteurs.
Make out heavy petting, kissing, heavy breathing.
Gum Swap (This is where the gums "mix it up") Woman goes down on hairy hairy pierced man nipples. Woman goes back up to making out. Gum Swap! Man goes down on woman. Fingers her. Woman cums. Penetrates woman, fucks her for a while until he is about to cum. Gum Swap! Woman goes down. Man grabs woman under the arms and throws her on her back.
Gum Swap!......And so it goes until they are lying beside eachother. Whoever has the gum last, bites it in half, and kisses it into the other person's mouth. AHHHH GUM SWAP!
by Lick my balls, I like that. February 28, 2008
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