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The term Gullu Butt is synonymous all over Pakistan because of a rural thug gangster called Gullu Butt who became notorious for terrorising people with widespread havoc, vandalism, violence and anarchy.
The term Gullu Butt may also refer to a violent thug with anarchy tendencies that enjoys committing any sort of criminal damage, such as vandalising cars, smashing windows and destroying property. However a Gullu Butt will also aggressively charge and viciously attack people . Gullu Butt is usually funded through a payroll from a Government source, such as a Gunda Tax or receiving backhanded payments from a higher level and is on instructions to commit such crimes.
Gullu Butt is often deployed for bully boy tactics. Gullu Butt may come across as a brutal, menacingly, ferocious character however when challenged a Gullu Butt can prove to be just weak or a coward. Gullu Butt is generally a cross between a rogue and a maverick but with low rate self-esteem values. The weapon of choice for a Gullu Butt is a long baton or truncheon, but will resort to using anything that is available.
Gullu Butt is often seen as a vigilante type of individual (or group of individuals) often appearing in uniform as a policeman or under disguise in civilian dress operating as police touts. However the Gullu Butt term can be used to describe anyone using elements of extreme force as an enforcer with or without violence.
Anon: “Chief Minister is a Gullu Butt”
Anon: “How to respond to the Gullu Butt mentality of this Police”
Anon: “There are so many Gullu Butts in this Police”
Anon: “The lawyer is behaving like a Gullu Butt”
by Cricket Buff September 26, 2014
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